About us

Access to credit is one of the most fundamental requirements for the development of an economy and its people.

Our mission at Easyaccess is to bridge the credit gap for SMEs with innovative finance solutions.

Established in 2005, Easyaccess Financial Services (EFSL) is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as Non-Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) categorized as a loan company.

Indian entrepreneurs and small-business owners struggle with raising timely credit from India's banking system. This is mainly due to restrictive lending policies and inflexible collateral requirements prevailing in the banking sector. As an alternative to regulated financial institutions, informal financiers are quick to offer funds at very high interest rates.

EasyAccess aims to provide innovative short and medium term financial solutions to small and mid-size corporates in India. By enabling businesses to apply for loans through multiple channels and to access financing tailored to their specific needs within a few days, we strive to help businesses to meet their day-to-day funding requirements, to scale their operations and to develop new opportunities. Business owners and executives can thus enjoy peace of mind with financing from a trusted and transparent partner and benefit from flexible repayment terms linked to their business.

Led by a seasoned management team, Easyaccess leverages upon the knowledge, experience and customer insights gained over a period of 9 years and on the latest in innovative digital technology for loan origination, credit assessment and loan collection.


Enjoy peace of mind with a trusted and transparent partner.


Expertise, experience and passion characterize and unite our talented and diverse team members.

Board of Directors